Thursday, July 07, 2011

11-year-old charged with stepbrother's death - WDAM - Channel 7 - Mississippi News, Hattiesburg, Laurel

An 11 year-old boy in Indiana has been charged with murdering his 6 year-old stepbrother, who was shot in the head. As I sit here trying to write my thoughts on this story, I am just shaking my head, baffled at what could cause this to happen with children this young. If it was intentional, how on earth can an 11 year-old become like that? Whether it was intentional or not, why did an 11 year-old have access to a gun and ammunition? Link to story below.

11-year-old charged with stepbrother's death - WDAM - Channel 7 - Mississippi News, Hattiesburg, Laurel

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Will Casey Anthony's Parents Divorce?

When the dust settles from the "not guilty" verdict from the murder trial and people take a break from expressing their opinions as to whether Casey Anthony was guilty or innocent, and whether the jury did the right thing, she and her family will have to get on with the rest of their lives.

What will their lives look like?

Casey Anthony will most likely be drummed out of any place she tries to live. After accusing her father of molesting her, and accusing her mother of leaving the pool ladder up and causing the child's alleged drowning, she is not likely to be welcome at her parents' house. She will probably write a book, not that anyone will believe anything she says in it.

But what about her family?

Her parents have to live the rest of their lives being known as the parents of the person many people believe got away with murdering her own little girl. Their faces have been plastered all over the television and internet. It will be a long time before they can even go to the grocery store in peace.

The stress they have endured, of their grandchild dying and a notorious public trial, as well as the accusations their daughter made against them,is almost mind-boggling. Would your marriage survive this? Many marriages do not. It is a tragedy that many families end up in divorce when they have endured this level of stress. Just when they need each other the most, they are pulled apart. How many of us would survive having our private lives on display for the entire world to see?